pool & spa Repairs

Pool Sharks is capable of performing any repair involving your pool and spa. We do all of our own repair and treat them as a top priority. If your equipment is under warranty, we will communicate with your warranty service provider and be your liaison to make sure the work is done.  We are confident, competent, and have the ability to make sure your pool and spa are taking care of properly. 

Pool Sharks is fully insured and capable of troubleshooting and making all pool and spa equipment repairs.  This includes repairs to pumps, pump motors, seals and gaskets, plumbing, heaters, chlorine and salt systems.  DE filter cleaning, sand changes, main drain cover replacement, mesh safety cover anchor replacement, salt system repair and replacement. We also specialize in vinyl liner repair including leak detection and repair.  We can also smooth out  most wrinkles and pull the liner back into the coping.

We also perform spa repairs including full repacks, heater repair, control board replacement, flow switch replacement, union replacement and spa-side control replacement.  All repairs are performed in a timely, “workwoman-like” manner with emphasis on good communication with the homeowner and rental companies (if applicable) throughout the process.


We also provide new installation of filters, salt systems, pool safety covers, spa covers, and much more.


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"These guys really know their stuff. Our previous pool cleaning company struggled to keep our pool chemicals balanced consistently. We have been PoolShark customers for several years and we always have a sparkling clear pool."