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Pool Sharks is a dealer for Merlin and Loop-Loc safety covers. We do our own professional installation. We can also replace missing or damaged anchors for your existing cover. We believe that there is no better way to keep your pool area safe and protected than having a safety cover

With the season starting to extend further into the fall and beginning earlier in the spring, wouldn’t it be nice to have your pool area be safe and inviting? A mesh safety cover also extends the season for lounging around on the pool deck without having to look at a swamped winter cover or a green pool.

Pool Sharks also is a dealer for Blue Water Spa Covers. The spa covers are custom made to fit your spa and come in a variety of colors and material. Having a good spa cover provides safety, energy conservation, and “spa appeal”. We will measure your spa and deliver the new cover. 

LOOP-LOC Safety Cover Treatments
All pool safety covers must conform to the Standard Performance Specification set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). LOOP-LOC swimming pool covers far exceed ASTM requirements that a cover must:

1. Be able to support a certain amount of weight.
2. Not permit gaps that a child or pet could squeeze through.
3. Remove standing water.

With today's custom swimming pools featuring more design treatments – such as waterfalls, raised decks, rock treatments, and raised spas – and commercial pools' center playgrounds and nonremovable raised obstructions, achieving the ASTM guidelines on these custom designs is more critical than ever.

LOOP-LOC's exclusive treatments are the answer! Committed to keeping pools safe while still providing an elegant designer look, LOOP-LOC offers:

AQUA-LOC® Zipper Treatment for large commercial pools and pools with rails and other nonremovable raised obstructions.

CABLE-LOC™ Raised Wall Treatment that makes installing LOOP-LOC safety cover on a pool with raised walls a whole lot easier … and a more beautiful experience.

SECURE-A-GAP®, the safest, simplest way to close gaps created by raised spas.

Watch as LOOP-LOC made history when we proved our mesh safety pool cover is the only one strong enough to support the weight of "Bubbles" the African elephant.



  1. Blue Water Spa Covers include the following superior features:
    1. Our spa covers use 2 pound density virgin EPS foam core for insulation. The covers have an R-value of 19 for the 4” to 2” tapered 2 pound density foam. We also offer 5” to 3” tapered 2 pound density foam which has a higher top strength and better insulating properties with an R-value of 21.

    2. We use 28 Ounce Marine Grade Vinyl which features mildew inhibitors and UV stabilized coloring to help prevent fading.
  2. 3. The double sided, solid cover liner we use is chemically treated on both sides to help prevent chemical damage.

    4. Our 2” Galvanized steel support beams are the strongest in the business and are also resistant to chemicals.

    5. We use a 4 mil vapor barrier that is heat sealed to the foam core to help ensure the foam core does not become water-logged. Double plastic can be added to provide an 8 mil vapor barrier and two layers of protection.

    6. Our covers have matching reinforced cover handles and child locking tie downs which are double stitched for added strength.

    7. The hinges are double-reinforced which makes them extra strong.

    8.Our covers meet or exceed all ASTM Safety Standards F1346-91.


SmartMesh™ – The Ultimate Mesh Cover! Safety Covers

The ultimate cover. An industry innovation, our exclusive mesh lets water through while providing 100% shade to significantly reduce algae growth. Combining the pros of both mesh and solid covers, SmartMesh is lightweight yet features the highest burst strength, tear strength and abrasion resistance. We back SmartMesh with a 15-year limited warranty.

That is why we developed SmartMesh. A truly unique mesh material, SmartMesh provides 100% shade from the algae causing rays of the sun, while still allowing rain and melting snow to pass through the cover material. This material is so special we were granted a U.S. Patent!

100% shade is not all SmartMesh provides you. SmartMesh filters debris as small as 40 microns. To give you a comparison, a typical sand filter for a pool filters debris as small as 20 to 30 microns. SmartMesh is like having a filter over your pool!

SmartMesh is also much lighter than a solid safety cover. Approximately 40% lighter! SmartMesh is easy to put on and take off.
SmartMesh is the ultimate in convenience and function when it comes to safety covers. It is no wonder all of our competitors are trying to copy this one of a kind cover material. Make sure your cover says Merlin. Make sure you get Patented SmartMesh. Look for our U.S. Patent number on the brochures and web-sites of our competition. You will probably see our patent number and the shade percentage their material provides. No other safety cover on the market provides 100% shade.

Don't settle for anything less!  Available in green, blue and tan.

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