Following is a description of the different types of service we offer.
Pool Sharks is a highly reputable service company, and we are very proud of the quality of service we provide. Please call us for rates or with any questions about our services.

Pool and Spa Combo Service

Pool and spa are chemically tested and balanced to The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals standards and are the picture of sparkly, healthy water. The pool and spa are scrubbed, brushed, and vacuumed. Pool and spa filters are backwashed, cleaned, replaced, or replenished. The deck area is swept and the furniture is neatly arranged. Old, deflated pool toys and trash are removed from the pool area. Safety hazards and damage are noted and reported immediately. Pool and spa safety concerns are dealt with in a timely, professional manner making guest safety and satisfaction a top priority. (See Repair) A midweek chemical check and balance is included for rental homes and as requested for private homes. Full documentation of water analysis is kept on file.

Vacancy Service

Maintenance service is performed when your home is unoccupied. Pertains to pool only, spa only, or both pool and spa. Water chemistry is fully adjusted and balanced Water level is adjusted accordingly, filter is cleaned, and chlorinating system is inspected and replenished. Pool is brushed to keep it free of algal development. Specialty chemicals may be added to the pool at this time to maintain the integrity of the water and pool while it goes unused. . No midweek chemical check is performed. Full documentation of water analysis is kept of file

Private Homeowner/Vacation Service

For the private homeowner who typically takes care of their own pool, we offer a vacation maintenance service. While you are away we will maintain your pool to your specifications. We also offer start-up and winterization services and chemical analysis should the occasional need arise for those who customarily go it alone

Custom Service

Call us and we can customize a maintenance schedule to suit any pool and spa needs.

Winter Service

Bi-weekly spa checks are available to maintain water level and chemistry for spas that remain open year round.  We also offer monthly chlorinating services for pools that are uncovered during the winter months to ensure a more cost effective pool opening in the spring.  Security checks are available upon request year round and particularly for off-season piece of mind."


Our prices are reasonable, fair and competitive!  Pricing is based on the nature and volume of pool and spa as well as other contributing factors.  Custom pricing and billing practices are available to suit your particular needs.

We accomplish our services by providing:

  • * a clear, clean and properly balanced pool and spa for our owners and their guests
  • * attention to all details concerning your property
  • * quick, effective response to all your concerns
  • * clear communication to our owners, rental property management and guests either through email, phone, fax or text
  • * online account management-receive statements and pay your bill online
  • * consultation of pool equipment, even if your pool is in the planning phase
  • * recorded documentation of chemical reading kept on file and reported to property management when appropriate or requested
  • * photo and written documentation of damages initiated by guests for appropriate billing
  • * timely equipment replacement or repair, warranty service when appropriate
  • * continuous liability and worker's compensation insurance coverage for your piece of mind
  • * a well trained, experienced staff with up to date Certified Pool Operator credentials
  • * year-round, seven days a week availability


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"These guys really know their stuff. Our previous pool cleaning company struggled to keep our pool chemicals balanced consistently. We have been Pool Shark customers for several years and we always have a sparkling clear pool."